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WELCOME; MIAMOR_ICONS this is a locked community which means you've got to join to see this icons. this community is owned and maintained by ohmiamor. if there is any questions or comments, please contact ohmiamor. This community is looking for anyone who would like to become a maker. Currently, there is only one maker. If you would like to help, please post a comment on the first entry.


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And know that if I knew all of the answers I would not hold them from you, you'd know all the things that i'd know we told each other, there is no other way

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November 2nd, 2004 ]
I'm deleting this one soon, I haven't used it in about a month.
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October 4th, 2004 ]
[ mood | really happy ]

We won, 3-1. Only problem, my arms starting to swell in one spot. I love my team. "State your name, what color underwear, and something special about yourself." "Stop talking while she's speaking." "Your the one talking!" "Please, don't go into detail about things." "Why not Berlin? You don't want to know what we're wearing?" "No."

Karen. We're doing something this weekend whether you like it or not. We haven't hung out since the forking.

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stolen from my lovely Sarah ;) [Monday
September 27th, 2004 ]
Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I’ll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty.

Even if your not on my friends list.
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friends only. [Thursday
September 16th, 2004 ]

♥ Comment here. I'll add just about everyone. ♥

♥ jess ♥
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